Linda Cooper is Chinese born – London bred fashion photographer

Linda is a woman of tireless energy, a love of the aesthetic with a great sense of fun, and adventure towards her work . Her ability to connect with others through the use of her camera is inspiring. Linda constantly explores different approaches to fashion photography and portrait imagery

Today her client list spans the worlds leading brands, Vidal Sasson, Tom Ford Eye wear , Dunhill, BBC3. New edge publications such as ID, Vice, Idol, notion and celebrities; Vivienne Westwood, Maxi Jazz, Boy George, Blacked Eye Peas – Taboo, to name but a few.

Linda is a founding overseas director for the Echo Project Exhibition at Today Art Museum in China. A new concept with the calligraphy of Qingyun at it’s heart. A combination of multiple Western art forms from Western art, (British art in particular), and traditional Chinese art and culture, creating a new art form echoing both Chinese traditional and British contemporary art. In such a way that East mirrors west and visa versa.

Not content with stopping there, Linda has founded her own Magazine publication UNBLOCK, pulling together a team of highly innovative individuals with different skills and backgrounds to tailor original British fashion and talent content for distribution throughout Asia.